Thursday, 27 March 2008

The First Step....

Oh yes! This time it is about my baby :) who is already 10 months old!

Time really flies....It just seems like yesterday when I shared the good news with everyone, flew back to India with my mom to have the baby, was pampered to the max by both our sets of parents, had a lot of functions, registered with the Hospital etc. I was excited, happy, nervous, apprehensive all at the same time about being a mother. And the same goes for the hubby, maybe a little more of each of the emotions, as he had to think about me as well :)

So it has been more than a year now and I was thinking about putting down the events on this blog but never got around to it since I had no time at all! Actually I didn't seem to have time for anything. The whole day just passed by and all I did was to run after my daughter S. But by now, I am used to managing multiple things at a time :) So as I write this I have her on my lap and I am trying to put her to sleep which is a major task by itself!

I have started reading books again and writing again. In fact I have just started a food blog as well. Its fun to work in the kitchen while S is playing there with all the utensils & empty dabbas and making a lot of noise. Of course its a lot of work to clean up the mess later on. She is constantly talking in her baby language as if she is telling me something, actually narrating & pointing here & there.

She had started standing up on her own last month & we were very happy about it. Then within the next 2-3 days she started walking with support holding anything & everything that came into her tiny cute hands, the sofa, table, chair, the wall or even our legs :) But last week she actually walked without any support. It was only 2-3 steps but she officially started walking! I had always heard about this being an exciting development but actually experienced it when I saw S walking. I had tears in my eyes, partly out of happiness and partly because of the sad realisation that my little baby has now grown up.

We spend the first twelve months of our children's lives teaching them to walk and talk and the next twelve telling them to sit down and shut up.

I had come across this quote somewhere long back and had liked it very much. But I am now understanding the real meaning and S is not even 12 months old! She already roams around the house taking those very cute, now I am confident now I am going to fall, baby steps and I have to keep running after her, telling her not to go into the bathroom, not to trip on one of her toys, not to touch the heater radiator, not to climb on the table or chairs & so on.

Now I am waiting for her to speak her first word ( In a language that we can understand :)) I wonder what that will be.....