Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Coming back from India

I am back from India & no I didnt get the Shammi Kapoor DVDs as I had planned. The main reason being lack of time to go looking for it and also I observed when we were there that S has started making a fuss about eating even if we try to distract her with Shammi Kapoor or any one else for that matter!

Its always the same when you are leaving for India and also when you are coming back from India. Whether you get a days notice or you know months in advance the packing will always be done at the last minute. There always will be a struggle to fit in everything in the bags taking into account the weight limitation. While going its the presents/gifts etc and while coming back it will be the odd masalas/papads/eatables and anything that you think you wont get the same as in India (I bring back bottles of Silk n Shine conditioner everytime!) . Theres always something or the other that is left behind either because you forgot about it or the weight limitation. Its only been a month since I came back and I already have a list ready for my parents who will be coming shortly!