Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fifty-2 weeks of 2013: Week 3 (A pound of flesh)

Its week 3 of Fifty-2 weeks of 2013 and the theme this time had me completely stumped. Should I go for fiction? Should it be a thought provoking write up? After thinking about it for the whole week (or rather trying to come up with something), I finally had to settle on this picture.

I had to dig this one out of my very old archives. I couldn't even remember which year this was taken. All I could recollect was that due to some odd reason we had ended up clicking this Cheetah in the zoo enjoying his lunch vociferously. I remember being actually repulsed by it at the time but GM insisted on clicking it and I am so glad he did, for otherwise I wouldn't have anything to post for this week!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Week 2 - Colour Garnet (Photography)

Fifty-2 weeks of 2013 continues with a photography post, having the colour garnet as the theme. Now, I have to admit I was a little puzzled when I saw the theme. Were we supposed to take a pic of the gemstone itself? Where am I going to find one now? But then, the 'colour' solved the problem and as members started posting there pics, it was clearer to me.

But the real confusion started after that. What do I chose as the subject? Coincidentally I bought a pair of ear rings with the same colour. I say coincidentally, but now that I think of it, the theme might have influenced my choice when I was browsing through the jewellery section! Here is the snap that I took of the ear rings.

But then I did a complete change of mind and decided to submit this one instead.

It is a shot of a bottle of Rose syrup against the sunlight (whatever little was available!). I thought the colour was perfect and the pattern on the bottle made for a good visual effect.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Year Resolutions - Fifty-2 weeks of 2013

If I  tell you exactly how many times I have made New Year resolutions and then conveniently forgot about them, I would be revealing my age. So instead of that let me just say that it has been so many times, that off late I have stopped thinking about making them altogether. I might be giving away this attitude somehow, because people have even stopped asking me about my New Year resolutions. In fact I have had people checking with GM about his resolutions in front of me and not bothering with me at all! But I am not complaining at all. After all if you haven't told any one about the resolutions, there is no need to be worried about embarrassment when you actually break them. So in a way I have at least followed my rule of not letting any one know about my resolutions, so far that is. As is true with any rule, I am about to break this one too!

I wouldn't call them resolutions because as mentioned earlier, I can never keep up with them. This is more of a To-Do list that I hope to accomplish before its too late.

  • Try to be a bit more patient - I used to have a lot of patience. I was never irritated to stand in a long queue to pay for items, I never had a problem waiting for the bus/train to turn up, I could engage a toddler for hours  together without feeling the need to pull out my hair. But age seems to have taken its toll and I find that nowadays I am sometimes irritated at small things. Things that wouldn't have bothered me a few years back, things that I would just smile and brush off. They say you get wiser and more patient with age but it seems to be the opposite with me, just the patience bit mind you! I do believe I am wiser now. So I want to consciously try and work on this.
  • Try to work more on my writing - Fifty-2 weeks of 2013 is the first step towards it. I will try to keep up with every theme every week so that I am actively writing again. Somewhere down the line I also intend to revive the food blog, I have now forgotten how many revivals it has seen! I still cook and sometimes still take snaps but somehow never post them on the blog. I intend to change this. This blog also should see more posts and I will try to post about things that I feel very strongly about.
  • Try to incorporate some Yoga - God knows I do enough running around, but I feel my activities or whatever exercise I get are not structured enough to make any difference to the body. So again I am going to make a conscious effort to get this done.
That is all, this should keep me well occupied and out of harm's way for the major part of the year. Notice how each of the above starts with the word 'Try'. This is deliberate because as I have said before, I hardly ever stick to resolutions, so this time I am just going to try and not impose any compulsion on myself!