Monday, 11 March 2013

Fifty-2 weeks of 2013: Week 10 – A Cinquain

I have to confess that I didn't know what a Cinquain was until the theme for this week was announced. First of all writing a poem sends me into a panic mode mainly because I don't think I write good ones. A poem always reminds me of William Wordsworth, maybe because I have always read his poems as part of the school curriculum and so have come to associate him with poems. So whenever I think of writing a poem, the first thought is that there is no way I can write something like him. But then, I should remember that you don't have to be like Sachin Tendulkar to play cricket!

The Cinquain is a 5 line poem where the words don't necessarily have to rhyme. This form of poetry suits me because it is short, simple and fairly uncomplicated. There are a few patterns that a Cinquain can follow and that served as a very good guide for me. So here it is then, I hope I have done justice to the format of the poem.


Steamy, Aromatic

Brewing, Refreshing, Stimulating

Make mine strong & sweet