Monday, 12 February 2007

And it rained....

Its raining! I mean...actually raining here, not just drizzling and its beautiful. Another of nature's wonders! The view from the window is nothing great as such but I love it nevertheless. I can see a tree in the distance and for some reason I seem to connect with it. I have seen it now for the past 3 months in various circumstances...when its bright & sunny, when its snowing heavily, when its just cloudy & gloomy and now when its raining heavily. I see that the tree looks the same in all these climates if seen alone but the moment you take in the climate in the background, you get a whole new picture every time.

When its cloudy, it seems to be sad; when its sunny, the branches seem to look up towards the sun; when its snowing the tree is totally covered & its as if the snow is a part of the tree. Now when its raining it just seems to be enjoying the downpour just as I would have if it wasn’t so cold outside!

Although right now, the tree has nothing but bare branches, it still looks beautiful to me and I am waiting for spring, (as I am sure the tree would be too) so that I get to see another beautiful aspect of nature's wonders!