Sunday, 30 October 2011

Purpose of Life.

Now thats a topic which should make you think, it sure made me. What is the purpose of my life? Do I even know what I can call a purpose? There are a series of things I would like to do, but do they qualify as the puropose of my life? I dont think so. I believe that the purpose of life should be something that should make you feel absolutely content with life once you achieve it. No more contemplation or struggling and that is hard to achieve in this day and age because our needs and wants are constantly changing.

Having said that, there are people who understand the true purpose of their life early on and work towards achieving it the rest of their lives. Some manage to do it in their lifetime and some are credited of having achieved it after their stint in this world. As for me, I am not in that category as I haven't been able to fathom the purpose of my life yet. There have been events that made me happy and for some duration after those events there was nothing else I wanted - my first job (the look on my dad's face was priceless the day I brought home my first paycheck!), my marriage, birth of my daughter etc. But as I said the satisfaction was only for some time before I started to feel that I want more from life.

That has continued till today and I am nowhere near to finding that elusive purpose or one single objective of my life. I did have 'mini' objectives at different stages of my life. When I was in school the sole purpose was to study hard & get good marks so that the future is secure. Did that help? I am not sure.

Once in college, in addition to the above there was another purpose, of keeping & maintaining the friendships I struck. I am very happy to say that I have been able to manage that even now after all these years and I do consider that as one of my achievements. Didn't some one say that friends are the best investment you make? I totally standby it.

After achieving the education that I set out to achieve, the next big thing of course was the job and again I consider myself fortunate that I got the chance to work in my chosen field for a reputed company and more importantly I thoroughly enjoyed the work and that became my purpose for that phase of my life.

Once I got married and my daughter was born, I think I can say that the only purpose I have now is to give her the kind of upbringing my parents gave me. If she turns out to be an intelligent, independent, tolerant, respective and humble person, I would consider my purpose as being achieved.

But again, is that the purpose of my life? Not really, that may be one of the things I want to achieve in my life but not the sole purpose. Just like many others I will be in search of the purpose of my life and the day I chance upon it will be the most significant day, I am sure. I only hope I realise what it is, before its too late for me to start trying to achieve it!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

10 Day You Challenge: 10 Secrets

The 10 day challenge kicks off, with me writing about my 10 secrets. Now I am not sure if they really are secrets. There will definitely be some people who know all these facts about me, but these are some of the things that I believe are not common knowledge about me, so here it goes in no particular order.

1. I am a huge fan of thriller/detective/murder mystery programmes on TV. I am on a first name basis with Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Barnaby, Inspector George Gently, DCI Banks, Taggart, Lewis, Morse, Foyle, Frost and so on, the list is endless. Give me a murder any time and I am glued to the screen. It need not even be in English, I have even watched Swedish murder mysteries with subtitles and thoroughly enjoyed them. I can watch all the gory details (CSI style!) without wincing even once!

2. I would like to believe that I sing fairly decently. Nothing too classical but I can easily manage the semi classical ones, although I am too conscious to sing in front of others. The only person who has heard me in full swing is my daughter, who has had to put up with my semi classical lullabies when I used to sing to her during her bedtime right until she was 3 yrs old, that was the only 'riyaz' I got :)

3. I have a habit of talking to myself all the time. Although I tend to do it in my mind, some times I am quite loud even without realising it. I discuss pros and cons of things with myself, remimnd myself about important events/things, repeat instructions etc and generally behave as if there was was someone with me.

4. Another thing that I do very often to kill time while I am out and have got nothing to do, is play Antakshari with myself. I sing a song in my mind and continue with another song starting with the last letter of the previous song.  We took it a bit too far once when I and my friend P played Antakshari during a Physics test, for which we were not prepared at all. So when the question paper was given, after about 10-15 minutes we had written all we could but had to pass time for the next 2 and a half hours before the the test got over. Luckily we were seated one after the other and we would quietly whisper the last letter of the song that we would have just finished singing in the mind and the other would continue. I know, it sounds absolutely crazy and thats what we were then!

5. I am a big movie fan and know the dialogues of most of the Hindi films that I have seen including Sholay, Chupke Chupke, Andaz Apna Apna, Bawarchi, Hum aapke hain kaun, Gulam, nearly all Govinda movies, Agnipath, Deewar, Don, nearly all Bacchan movies too and so on. Actually I should mention here that I do watch a lot of movies so the list would be quite long.  In fact, I and my brother have this ongoing challenge wherein we use a dialogue from any movie while talking normally and the other peson has to instantly recognise which movie it was. We can hold a complete conversation using only the dialogues from movies and no other words.

6. Talking of Hindi movies I am a die hard fan of Salman Khan. There I have admitted it in print now! I have been teased all my life for this and especially when he is in the news for all the wrong things. I am very protective about this and can not take anyone saying anything bad about him, maybe thats why I get teased all the time! I feel equally protective about Sachin tendulkar who happens to be my favourite sports personality. I get furious when people equate him to God, yet wouldnt think twice before rubbishing him for getting a low score or accuse him of taking away all the credit sometimes.

7. Although I like things neat and tidy, I am very bad at clearing clutter. I collect all sorts of things and can not bring myself to throw away anything even if it is no longer in use. I still have my daughter's clothes from when she was a baby, of course sentiment plays a very important role here, but apart from that I also have my own clothes from long back which dont even fit me any more. In the kitchen, even after I get a replacement for some thing, I am very reluctant to throw away the original one, specially if its in a working condition. I stash such things away to be used in an 'emergency'! GM is really annoyed by this habit of mine as all these 'useless' things take up a lot of space in the house but I keep telling him that we might need them some day.

8. It might be slightly hard to believe if you see me now, but I have been very much into sports throughout my school/college life. My favourite sport to play is Cricket and if you are one of those people who have raised their eyebrows at this, yes one more time, I do play cricket and not just watch it! In fact my brother who is now an accomplished player and happens to be in his Company team, has learnt the basics from me way back when we were 12-15 yrs old. I have also been a Kho Kho and Kabaddi player on the zonal level and have won medals for long jump too.

9. There was a time when I could recite the whole of Bhagvad Gita. I was a Sanskrit student in school and I had learnt it to take part in an elocution competition.

10. I hate getting facials done at a beauty parlour. Apart from not liking them I am also sort of allergic to them. Till date I have had it done only 2 times in my life and both the times, my face broke out into pimples after 1-2 days of the treatment. I only tried it the second time because my friend and colleague managed to convince me that it was completely herbal and had no chemicals in it. The result was the same and now I am on a vow never to try them again. Home made face packs or even the ones available in shops such as Everyuth and Cuticura are different but I hardly have time for them anymore.

So these were 10 facts/secrets about me. Next Sunday I will be writing about the 9 loves of my life.

Monday, 17 October 2011

10 Day You Challenge

There will be no use giving excuses or explaining the absence inspite of claiming otherwise in my earlier posts, so I will get straight to the point and once again mention that this time I will be writing regularly. What is so different about this claim when compared to the earlier ones? This time I have a bunch of friends to motivate me, some of whom I havent met at all but we share a liking for writing.

As an engineer I have noticed that I work better with deadlines. I dont know if this is something general applicable to all engineers or if its just me but somehow when I have been given an 'assignment' and told to complete it by a certain time, I really get working! So I thought of giving myself a project to do and just so that I dont take it lightly, I am setting a deadline as well!

This challenge has been doing the rounds of the blogosphere and I thought why not? So here am I writing about myself using the guidelines provided in this challenge. It is pretty straight forward and clear in the the above image. Everyday I have to write about a topic, giving my list of the specific subject. Now I dont want to send this blog into a shock by writing everyday as opposed to just 'opening' it once a month, so I have decided to have a gap between the posts. I will be posting every Sunday.

My first post for this series will be published on Sunday, the 23rd.