Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Thank You Shammi Kapoor

for making my daughter finish her dinner without any fuss and in record time i.e. 15 min flat!

Meal times are testing times for us, testing patience that is. S may be very hungry but she will still take her own sweet time to eat. Sometimes not even finishing completely. But again whenever her food is completely over, some of it has been spilled by her active hands, some spit out while trying to 'speak' something.

On Saturday, while channel surfing, GM came across the movie 'Teesri Manzil' and we had it switched on while we embarked on the task of feeding S. To my surprise she was completely drawn to the movie and while she watched wide eyed, I gave her spoons after spoons of her food and she ate without any fuss. Then when I paid attention, I saw that she was actually interested in watching Shammi Kapoor with those characteristic moves.

Most of the eating was done during the 'Aaja Aaja main hun pyar tera' song. But Shammi Kapoor was the only one who interested her. Whenever he was not on the screen and Asha Parekh took his place she would look at me questioningly. Sorry Ms Parekh nothing against you, but my daughter just prefers Shammi Kapoor.

Now I channel surf in search of a Shammi Kapoor movie before every meal. Maybe I should just get some DVDs on my next trip to India.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Harry Potter & the Order of Phoenix

I know I am a little, (maybe not so little) late in reviewing this movie now. But I only managed to watch it now. I am only glad that I got to watch it at one go instead of parts, as has become the habit nowadays with little S playing around vying for our attention.

Both me & GM are complete movie buffs. We can watch any movie at least once and then there are some which we see again & again. Earlier our count for the week used to exceed 8 even 10 sometimes. But these days its very difficult to manage even one movie in a week and even if we do its only on the weekend.

So we saw 'Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix' on Friday and.....I don't know if I liked this or not. If you see the individual movie its very good but when you have the other Harry Potter movies to compare it lacks the lustre.

Whenever we are watching a movie which is based on any book, it always happens that GM has watched the movie already and I have read that particular book. But in this case I haven't read any of the Potter books (I am intending to read them now). So I don't know if the movie completely adheres to the plot in the book, but its not substantial. The special effects and 'the edge of the seat' moments are still present and the movie manages to get you hooked completely but there still is something which is missing.

Coming to the actors, I really miss the cute little Daniel Radcliffe(Harry Potter), could not come to terms with the teenager version :) He is looking good and has acted well too but it did not work for me. Rupert Grint (Ron Weasely) lacks his usual effervescence and looks a little subdued. Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) happens to be the only one who retains her original charm in the movie.

To summarise it, as I have mentioned earlier, a good movie if you don't want to compare it with the earlier ones.